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TorchLife Glass Artist Community

What is TorchLife?
Learn to blow glass. TorchLife is a glass artist community. Our focus is perpetuating the education, and evolution of borosilicate artists. Through continued mentoring, and sharing.

Dichroic glass just one of many typesHow did TorchLife concept come about?
TorchLife is based on learning to flame work borosilicate. With all the options available for learning about flame work; books, dvd’s and classes are one-time fixes to the solution.

What benefits will be achieved by hosting classes on the web?
The short answer, artists can learn for less money!  As we all know petroleum will continue to increase in price for some time, causing the cost of class and travel to increase. As an example, a recent training course, including expenses totaled approximately $600. If you add a cushion for emergencies, other unexpected costs, and a plane ticket, the total could easily reach $750-$1,000. This doesn’t include the time away from your torch sitting in the airport or train station. With TorchLife $1,000 could educate you all year long, in your shop.

Recognizing the importance of guidance through mentorship, TorchLife will offer the first fully interactive how-to web-based glass community.

What are the potential benefits of TorchLife membership?
This site is for glass artists of all levels of experience. Our focus will be perpetual glass working education; creating a forum for communication, and peer evaluation.

Special guest artists will host Live on- line classes and discussions. We will have galleries, forums, and blogs. We will work with all supply distributors to get you special discounts, on tools and supplies. We plan to cover Flame offs, and glass events around the US.

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