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2008 Eugene Flame-Off


Eugene Flame-Off — August 28, 2008

Eugene Flame Off




The 2008 Eugene Flame-Off created networking opportunities vital to the success of our community. It is important that we get out of our shops, and explore some fresh concepts. Besides it’s a cheap way to free ourselves of the “Productive” mindset for a while.

Thanks to the Eugene Glass School staff; and volunteers for keeping the flame burning hot! Also thanks to the vendors: ABR Imagery, Artco, Cornerstone, Gaffer glass, Northwest Iron works, The flow magazine, and Winship designs for bringing out all the tools and raw materials. Also it should be noted that volunteer Tracy Doyle did an exceptional job behind the scenes to make the show happen.

The crowd was a diverse mix of interested people ranging in age from four years old and up. This year was a smaller event, but the talent pool was by no means less impressive. These artists are phenomenal and truly dedicated to the craft. More than fifty items were entered in eleven different categories thus the panel of three judges had a lot of weight on their shoulders.

Artist Kevin Murray really stood out amongst the crowed; this guy definitely has the talent and drive to be great. Kevin entered four categories, and placed in two of them. His work was versatile, ranging from a vessel to a skull paper weight. Mark McCourt deserves mention as well; he also entered multiple categories, and made a nice vessel placing second in the Goblet category.

A G.T.T. Delta Elite was the biggest prize awarded to Betty Wolfe in the sculpture category. Sabina Boehm and Kim Dodd made a phenomenal Absinthe glass. Complete with a glass spoon for burning a sugar cube, the piece also had two ferries to accompany you on your adventure. I really liked the subtle vibrant neon green hue of this piece.

This year there was a twenty minute tournament style challenge with the winner of each round advancing. The artists were given a bag of glass and tools, and were instructed to make items using only the supplied materials. Each round the artists were asked to make a different item including a phone, a vehicle, a bird, and a monster. The judges tested the contestants’ deduction skills from the start. Some of the materials in the bag were borosilicate, and some were soft glass. The contestants gathered themselves and created some on the spot pieces which were quite creative.

Bob Snodgrass showed us his VW van, which is converted to a single station studio on wheels. The portable studio has ventilation, oxy/propane tanks, and space for storage. The van is engineless and is towed by another vehicle. Bob says it will be for events such as concerts and bead shows. He is also selling advertising space on the van, so if you want to be seen in the glass world: Contact Bob Snodgrass.

The Next flame off will be here before you know it, so go home and start practicing.

Until next time…….Styles1 **TorchLife**

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