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2008 Eugene Flame-Off
Degenerate Flame Off Glass Blowing Competition, Eugene, OR 2009
Degenerate Flame Off Glass Blowing Competition, Eugene, OR 2009
Degenerate Flame Off Glass Blowing Competition, Eugene, OR 2009
Degenerate Flame Off Glass Blowing Competition, Eugene, OR 2009

Reviews — The Degenerate Flame Off, Eugene, Ore.

Since the beginning of the year Cornerstone Glass has been focused on the preparing for the Degenerate Flame Off. Cornerstone was assisted with PR by The Melting Pot (GLDG). A special thanks is goes out to Mer of the GLDG. He was instrumental in engineering the great atmosphere at the event. All of the sponsors gave away a lot of prizes to the audience as well as the competitors. The event was sponsored by Troutman Art Glass, Winship Designs, The Flow Magazine, The Eugene Glass Source, TorchLife, Glass Alchemy, North Star, Create Clothing, and Profitable Glass Quarterly.

Friday was basically the meet and greet day, with some awesome demonstrations. The booths were abuzz with activity, lots of great tools, raw color, with tubing being sold. Meanwhile, Marcel Braun and crew were getting it hot with a boro glory hole. Their first few attempts to make some large bowls were unsuccessful. Once warmed up, they spun up a couple of really nice bowls using "frit" and the "crackle" technique. They also dipped into a molten pot of Amber Purple that Abe from North Star had brought down and made the day before.

History was made when Team North Star showed us all how they dip into a pot and pull out the Amber Purple tubing. This was the first time that full-colored boro tubing was made in public. It was an amazing event to witness. They triple dipped the tube to get a thick gather then pulled about 10’ of tube at a time, within 20 minutes the three pulls they had created 20 pounds and about 30 feet of tube.

Saturday was the competition day. Around 18 competitors showed up to throw down. Historically, flame working is dominated by male artists. It was good to see four, very talented woman compete while bringing their influence to the industry.

It was a sunny and warm day — rare for Eugene this time of year. The action started around noon and lasted past midnight. The competitors had eight hours to complete their projects. Artists were working away while grooving to some beats from local DJ’s. As the projects began to take shape the audience became mesmerized by the variety of eclectic styles being displayed. After five o’clock the Ninkasi Brew started to flow, and the night started to wind down a few hours later.

Late in the evening as the band began to play, the atmosphere was relaxed as most of the competitors finished their projects. A couple of competitors had slight setbacks when their pieces broke, but most finished within the allotted eight hours. Nate Dizzle went over the time limit because his piece broke twice. As with any dedicated artist, he started from scratch — three times. He finally finished around 2:00 am Sunday morning. Nate received my vote for the most dedication at this show. Truly, he only cared to see his vision completed; making a huge bubbler with a uranium glass crackle tube and two neon plasma towers. The legendary Scott Deppe made a huge skull and bones pipe with realistic vertebrae. Unfortunately, this amazing piece also broke. As always, Deppe played it cool.

Sunday was the award ceremony. Buck was the People’s Choice Award winner and the judges agreed declaring him the all-around winner for the Degenerate Flame Off. Buck is local to the Eugene area, and it was exciting to see him win two huge boxes of prizes. There was also a raffle with lots of great prizes donated by the sponsors.

North Star and Glass Alchemy have once again upped the ante with the colored tubing they are now producing. TorchLife is also offering dicro tubing on Simax clear, black, cobalt and ruby tubing. While speaking with Henry Grimmett, of Glass Alchemy, he said, “We want to be your [the artist's] apprentice, and we are positioning ourselves to produce most of the prep work for you. The idea is to assist the artist and give them the ability to customize the prep work for easy integration into their artwork.” He also told me that Glass Alchemy is planning a few more surprises that will be released in the coming months.

There were visitors from all around the nation with varying backgrounds and one thing in common; we are all drawn to the fire. Three incredible days brought an unprecedented level of artistry together. This event made it obvious that we are entering a golden age of flame working with more raw materials of a higher quality now available then ever before. This was absolutely the most fun I’ve had all year. I can’t wait for next year, and I’m glad that I was able to be part of it. Keep the fire stoked.

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