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Every glass artist knows that if you travel it can be hard to start up in a new city without connections. Our craft certanly allows us the freedom to relocate easier than most professions. So I decided to start a list of reliable shops across the US where artists can find a professional atmospere. If you have a shop or know of one that would like to have a profile on the list please contact Styles at All shops will have to send proof of their equipment with references of prior artists who have rented space from them in the past.

Cornerstone Glass
Cornerstone Glass in Eugene, Ore.

Cornerstone Glass, Eugene, Ore.

Cornerstone glass located at 1068 West 2nd Avenue in Eugene, Oregon, (tel 541-341-1788) is an ideal shop for a glass blower. The building that they operate in has been a glass shop for quite some time now. Cornerstone consistently hosts visitors from every region of the U.S. and as far away as Europe and Japan.

Cornerstone proudly provides 25 work stations which includes electricity, micro bulk storage of liquid oxygen and propane on site. This means they have very large stationary tanks that are filled by tractor trailers. THEY NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS! They also have an industrial size sand-blasting unit with a dust collector backed up by a large compressor. The ventilation is top notch, and the restrooms are cleaned regularly. Included in your rent they is use of a break room with a stove, microwave and refrigerator.

The owner of Cornerstone Glass Justin Sheppard, He says, “I want to provide a place where my friends and I can flourish.” Cornerstone provides an essential role in the glass community and in Eugene by offering daily, weekly, and monthly station rentals.

They have a good selection of raw materials in the store up front. From clear and colored rod, dichroic sheets, tubing, and a wide selection of images. They even have Cornerstone clothing.

Cornerstone also operates a wholesale catalog that artists can can be included in. They handle shipping, packing, and marketing of your work for a portion of the sales amount. This can free the artists of these responsibilities.

Cornerstone Glass is not your typical glass blowing studio. They consistently provide a professional environment for the dedicated artist.

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