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Dicro Kings Tubes
Dicro Kings Tubes


Review — Dicro Kings Tubing
November 2008

Dicro Kings is currently offering 16” x 25mm heavy wall Chinese black tubing with Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) Dichroic. We have either Candy Apple Red, or Blue Gold coatings. These have a single stripe of dichroic from end to end; this was done to make the tubing more economical for the artists. Our next shipment of tubes will include some double and triple striped coating.

Dicro Kings intends to expand the available palette to include clear Simax Tubing, Chinese ruby red, pink, purple, and black. The tube lengths are 16” and will be available in a variety of diameters. We will cut the tubes into 4” pieces for cheaper shipping unless specified. We will offer the best coatings offered by CBS. We regret that Blue tube will not be available for a period of time; we will keep you updated once it is available.

Please review guidelines for effective dicro use before attempting to sleeve dicro tube. The 25mm tubes fit nicely inside 32mm x 2.8mm (medium wall). We will be offering tubes of various sizes to give the artists options for different uses. I like to use 4” pieces of the dicro tube and about 4 1/2” of 32mm clear to sleeve with.

  1. The first step is to cut and clean the tube with cleaner. The basic technique is to heat one end of the dicro tube and attach a blow tube, then garage in the kiln.
  2. Take the 32mm tube, heat one end taper and attach a blow tube, heat in the flame until workable.
  3. Now take the dicro tube out of the kiln, sweep kiln dust off with a paper towel.
  4. Slide the Dicro tube inside the 32mm tube —I heat from the left to the right ending up at the end of the dicro tube attached to the blow tube.
  5. As soon as the outer tube gets hot marver it on to the dicro tube and inch or so at a time. NOTE: It is very important that your torch isn’t too aggressive while sleeving, putting white hot glass on top of the dichroic will cause it to burn out and reduce to ash.
  6. Once sleeved, heat, stretch, and then blow slightly to make sure that the two tubes are now one piece of prep work.

If you have trouble sleeving 4” pieces start with 2” pieces until you get it down. We are working on a Dicro Evolution instructional DVD that will cover this technique and more.

Until next time…Styles **TorchLife**

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